Marylen Costumes:

Cleaning Instructions

You wouldn't go your entire life without taking a bath, would you? What makes you think your costume should?

After every performance, allow costume to dry completely if possible.
A wet-dry vaccum for some of the more soiled spots works wonders; there comes a time however, when bath time becomes inevitable despite vigorous protest on the part of your character or mascot.
Here are some guidelines:

  • Fur Costumes Hand wash or use large front loading commercial machine. Use cold water and mild detergent.
    Hang dry, do not use heat to dry!
  • Foam Costumes Hand Wash or dry-clean only.
    Hang dry only
  • Head Use upholstery spray foam cleaner or mild detergent and damp sponge.
    Do not soak or immerse in water

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